12th Film Festival Women´s Worlds

November 22-28, 2012, in Tuebingen

Different from the 2011 Festival with its one-theme approach, Women’s Worlds 2012 offered a multi-facetted variety:

The films were linked through 8 thematical focuses – films with complementary perspectives or paired by antagonistic subject matter. This year the 12th Film Festival Women’s Worlds presented an unusual number of film debuts and international guests, to provide a platform for an in-depth treatment of women’s rights issues through contemporary world cinema.

Among the 35 feature and documentary films from 24 countries there were unusual and challenging perspectives offered on „prostitution – forced prostitution – trafficking in women“, „the victim-offender mediation“, „sexual and gender identities“, and the ever-present question: „In what kind of society do we want to live?“

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