15th Film Festival Women´s Worlds
November 18-25, 2015, in Tuebingen, Germany


In Ixcanul - Volcano, Silver Bear winner at the Berlinale 2015 as well as Guatemala’s submission for the Oscars 2016, a young Mayan girl is supposed to marry the foreman of a coffee plantation, but she has her very own and completely different plans; instead of financing wars a Swedish queen in the 17th century prefers to invest in schools and libraries (The Girl King); to oppose the prohibition that women in Iran cannot perform as lead singers, Sara plans a huge concert together with female vocalists (No Land’s Song).

Body approaches the situation of girls suffering from eating disorders from an unconventional and whimsical point of view – the film won a Silver Bear at the Berlinale. Multiple award winner at Cannes Naomi Kawase lets an old woman with a history of leprosy share her enchanting view on the world in AN and the exceptional movie Les Héritiers - Die Schüler der Madame Anne opens the festival with a story in which an empathic teacher gives her multicultural class the chance to develop self-assurance. Real life protagonist, scriptwriter and lead actor, 22 year old Ahmed Dramé will introduce personally the fascinating film.

The feature films and documentaries of the festival give insight into more than 30 countries and the destiny of women from all over the world as well as their fight against patriarchal violent structures.

This year’s movies emphasise the Right to Education for Girls around the globe and are also connected to the TERRE DES FEMMES focus area 2015: ‘Stop Forced Marriage!’ The films Dukhtar from Pakistan, a documentary about Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai and Lilet Never Happened about a child prostitute in the Philippines illustrate these issues. The director and the juvenile lead actress accompany the latter film in it’s screenings in Tuebingen.

Focus area Reproductive Rights of Women – Abortion: brave and extremely resourceful the „Women on Waves“ support these rights worldwide. They pick up women from various countries such as Portugal or Morocco by boat to get them into international waters and make legal and safe abortions possible for them. This focus will further be complemented in a panel with top-level experts and activists.

Kabarett to the power of 3 – for the first time, with Ninia LaGrande, Maren Kroymann and Dietlinde Ellsässer, who enrich our Special Activities, as well as the foto-exhibition „Mädchenland“ – “Land of Girls” - which depicts the girls of the matriarchal Khasi in India.

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International Filmfest Event 2015

Film Cicle of Iranian Cinema, 26th - 27th January 2015 at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico

In cooperation with the School for Communication and the Cinema Society of Puerto Rico, works of the Iranian filmmaker family Makhmalbaf were shown at the University Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico.

"Women’s Worlds“ Festival Director Irene Jung presented the film series that attracted a huge audience, interested film students and filmmakers included.

Alexandra Vega, lecturer of the School for Communication, welcomes the audience.

Irene Jung hands over the DVD-Edition on Samira Makhmalbaf produced by the film festival „Women’s Worlds“ for International Film Schools, to the video-library for the use by the School for Communication.