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A new journey into womens worlds begins ...

The Afghan police chief Soraya saves a girl from a stoning. As a result she draws the ire of the local warlord, as well as her own husband. A Letter to the President is about life and death: as Soraya faces execution, only a letter to the president can save her.

In the Japanese movie Close-Knit, 11-year-old Tomo is suspicious when she meets the new partner of her uncle, trans woman Rinko. But Rinko cares lovingly for the girl abandoned by her mother and soon the existing prejudices become unstable.

Deeyah Khan, daughter of a Pakistani migrant, suddenly finds herself in the middle of one of the most brutal demonstrations by the far right in recent years, in Charlottesville. In White Right, she travels to the USA to understand the hate, to meet the people behind the headlines, to confront neo-Nazis and white nationalists.

Michalina is a gynecologist in Warsaw in the 1970s. With unconventional methods, humor and élan, she teaches woman about sexual desire and the possibilities provided by modern contraception. When she tries to publish her groundbreaking book about love and sex with the title The Art of Loving, church and state are alarmed.

Intrepid Mariam is one of 50,000 residents of the Lebanese refugee camp Burj el-Barajneh. She founded the successful catering company Soufra, which became a symbol of hope. Women who have fled from Syria, Palestine and Iraq cook there, side-by-side.

Once again this year, the Film Festival Women’s Worlds brings realities of women from all over the world to the screen. More than 30 feature and documentary films impressively tell of women who stand up for social justice and against patriarchal structures.

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