Call Jane

Phyllis Nagy, USA, 2022, 121 min., feature film, OmdU

Chicago at the end of the 1960s: Joy, a housewife and mother of a teenager, is expecting her second child. However, the late pregnancy threatens her life and abortions are prohibited by law. She learns about the »Janes«, an underground women’s network that supports people in her situation in freely deciding about themselves and their bodies. Regardless of what Joy decides, through the group she has found a way to give her life a new direction – by in turn helping women make the right choice for themselves. The tragicomedy, starring a terrific Elizabeth Banks, is, like its title, based on true events: In the 1970s, a small women’s abortion organization existed in Chicago that prominently displayed »Call Jane« notices.

Expert Dr. med. Gabriele Halder present on Fri, 28 Oct