Do you remember me

Desirée Pomper / Helena Müller, Switzerland, 2022, 83 min., documentary, OmdU

Sara was cut when she was seven years old. To come to terms with this, she travels to Ethiopia and first talks to her grandmother before confronting the woman who cut her. FGM – Female Genital Mutilation – has been banned there by law since 2007. Sara learns that, despite this, numerous girls continue to suffer as she did. Through encounters with those affected and their mothers, it becomes clear how deeply rooted the tradition is in Ethiopian society. Sara decides to take a stand against female genital mutilation by educating people about it. While still on her journey, she begins to do so. Besides human rights, DO YOU REMEMBER ME? is also about pain as well as loss of trust and forgiveness.

Protagonist Sara Aduse present
In cooperation with Zonta Club Berlin 1989