Marcelo Gomes, Braisl / Portugal, 2022, 104 min., feature film, OmeU

Paloma, a passionate mother, works on a papaya plantation and takes care of the household. Her greatest wish is to say yes to her partner Zé in church. She has been saving for the ceremony for a long time. However, the priest refuses to marry the couple because Paloma is trans. Although she encounters further resistance, prejudice, injustice and violence, she does not give up. She is firmly convinced that only with the blessing of the church her union with Zé is legitimate. PALOMA celebrated its world premiere at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2022 and illustrates how much religion can limit people in their desires and way of life. Director Marcelo Gomes developed the eponymous character with theater actress Kika Sena, a committed trans woman.