Rebellinnen – Fotografie. Underground. DDR

Pamela Meyer-Arndt, Germany, 2022, 88 min., documentary, DF

A sensitive portrait of three East German women artists who have more in common than the desire for freedom. If they couldn’t live in the GDR the way they imagined and needed to, they at least wanted to make art that suited them and their inner lives. As a result, Tina Bara, Cornelia Schleime, and Gabriele Stötzer came into conflict with the SED regime in different ways in the 1970s and 1980s. At some point, all three were faced with the question: leave or stay? Partly still today, their biographically influenced works express what they felt at that time: Being trapped, oppression, despair. With her film, director Pamela Meyer-Arndt provides a new perspective on the work and live of the three artists.