Die Dohnal – Frauenministerin | Feministin | Visionärin

Die Dohnal – Frauenministerin | Feministin | Visionärin

Sabine Derflinger, Austria, 2019, 104 min., documentary film, DV

“Power relations are neither a historical nor gender-neutral.”

Parental leave and women’s shelters seem so common nowadays that it is easy to forget they had to be fought for. Johanna Dohnal did this eloquently and with a cigarette in her hand. She founded the first women’s shelter and modernized family law in Austria. She was one of the first feminists in a European government and became the first Austrian Federal Minister for Women’s Affairs in 1991.

To ensure that this story will not be forgotten like so many others, her spouse, her family, then combatants and today’s activists remember the icon of Austrian politics and women’s movement in this cinematic memorial.


Expert Claudia von Gélieu present