Alice Winocour, France/Germany, 2019, 107 min.,feature film, OV with german subtitles

Astronaut Sarah’s life’s dream is coming true: She gets the opportunity to fly to the ISS for a mission. But in addition to her efforts to make it in a male-dominated team, she struggles with her role as the mother of a 7-year-old daughter. The further the hard training progresses, the more uncertain she becomes whether she can really leave her daughter behind. PROXIMA draws the portrait of a courageous woman who accepts every challenge to fulfill her dreams. PROXIMA not only impresses with a great cast, with Eva Green in the leading role and Lars Eidinger and Sandra Hüller in supporting roles, but also with the completely new orientation of the genre space film.

Weltpremiere Toronto International Film Festival 2019

Due to COVID-19, the opening reception afterwards had to be cancelled.