Burning Memories

Alice Schmid, Switzerland, 2021, 80 min., Documentary, OmdU

Children, abuse and violence are the central themes in the work of Swiss filmmaker and author Alice Schmid. One day, a painting unexpectedly reminds her of her own abuse in the distant past, which she had forgotten. She was subsequently silenced and, as a young woman, found her speech again in a Catholic boarding school for girls in Belgium. There Alice met girls from the civil war in Congo. Since then, she has been fascinated by the black continent. Alice goes to the desert of South Africa to find answers to the question of why she was abused, kept silent all those years and why she kept exploring the themes of abuse and violence in all her films. BURNING MEMORIES, a sensory-engaging, touching and very personal exploration of the burden of abuse, celebrates its German premiere at Filmfest FrauenWelten.

Expert Prof. Dr. med. Sibylle M. Winter present after film