Children of the Mist

Ha Le Diem, Vietnam, 2021, 90 min., documentary, OmeU

The girl Di and her parents belong to the Hmong, a minority in northern Vietnam that marries off young women at an early age. Agriculture secures their narrow livelihood. Violence, sexual abuse and heavy drinking are common in the village community. This is also the case in Dis’ family. As she grows older and becomes more interested in boys, Di refrains from her goal of studying later in life. Di’s mother, who was also robbed as a girl, wants to prevent her daughter from throwing herself wholeheartedly into a relationship. Since there is widespread distrust of social advancement through education, she repeatedly agrees to Di’s early marriage on the other hand. Over the course of just over three years of filming, Di becommes a beautiful, impetuous teenager, but one threatened by various dangers.

Expert Thuy Le-Scherello present