Snow Hnin Ei Hlaing, Myanmar, 2022, 89 min., documentary, OmeU

Hla is a Buddhist and runs a makeshift clinic in Rakhaing, a state in southeastern Myanmar. Primarily, she cares for pregnant women as a midwife. Hla has a student, Nyo Nyo, who, as a member of the Rohingya Muslim minority affected by persecution and repression, wants to open her own clinic. On the one hand, Nyo Nyo wants to secure the livelihood of her family, and on the other, she wants to provide medical assistance to members of her ethnic group, which has been denied to them at least since the beginning of the conflict in the fall of 2017. How the two women care for expectant mothers across religious boundaries and despite increasing violence is both enriching and touching.

Director “Snow” Hnin Ei Hlang present