Women of Valor

Anna Somershaf, Israel, 2021, 75 min., documentary, OmeU

Esty is one of 600,000 ultra-Orthodox, also known as Haredi, women in Israel who are allowed by law to vote but not to run for their country’s parliament. Together with her friends, the founder of the women’s rights organization Nivcharot has been courageously fighting against mysogyny and ignorance for five years. What began with the Facebook group “No Voice! – No Vote!” turns out to be a long rocky road, at the end of which Esty files a lawsuit in Israel’s Supreme Court to have the ban lifted. In doing so, she turns against her own community and pays a high price: She and her family find themselves in trouble. WOMAN OF VALOR celebrates its German premiere at this year’s Filmfest.

Director Anna Somershaf will be present on Sun, 30 October