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Mina – Preis der Freiheit

Hesam Yousefi , Deutschland, 2022, 70 Min., Dokumnetrafilm, OmeU

The documentary film “MINA – THE PRIZE OF FREEDOM” by Hesam Yousefi portrays Mina Ahadi, an Iranian human rights activist who now lives in Cologne. Mina has been fighting against executions and stonings in Iran for decades – and thus became a target of the regime herself. With numerous campaigns, she has drawn the world’s attention to the cruel practice of killing and thus prevented the stoning of Sakineh Mohamdi-Ashtiani, among others. The fact that stoning is no longer practised in Iran today is also and above all thanks to Mina.
A sad highlight of her life was the Iranian revolution in 1979 and the associated introduction of the hijab requirement. Shortly after the Islamic Republic came to power, Mina’s husband, Ismail Yeganehdust, was executed. Mina decided to dedicate her life to the fight against the death penalty. She was able to save many people – but still far too few in her eyes. Through her campaigns and close contact with those sentenced to death, an emotional bond developed in many cases; they called her “Mother”. And “Mother Mina” had to cry for many children.
In “Mina – The Price of Freedom”, Mina Ahadi gives insights into her eventful life between family happiness and personal protection. She tells of her successes and failures in the fight against the death penalty and for the rights of women, homosexuals and ex-Muslims. Due to the foundation of the “Central Council of Ex-Muslims”, she has received numerous death threats.

After the film there will be a Q&A on Sat 28.10.