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Bar Bahar – In Between
by Maysaloun Hamoud

Israel/France 2016, 102 min., feature film, Arabic/Hebrew with English subtitles

The tough defense lawyer Laila and the lesbian DJane Salma spend their nights clubbing in Tel Aviv. Nour, who is a strict Muslim and informatics student, becomes their new flatmate. Facing problems they have to deal with together, the three young Palestinian women find that they have more in common than they thought in the balancing act between a traditional and modern lifestyle.
10 film awards.

Kino Museum Fri 24.11., 20:30 I Kino Museum Sat 25.11., 18:00 I Kino Waldhorn Wed 29.11., 18:00

Das Mädchen vom Änziloch
by Alice Schmid

Switzerland 2016, 87 min., feature film, Swiss German with English subtitles

Laura is the only daughter on a farm in the middle of the isolated Swiss mountains, where the summer holidays are monotonous. Except for the eerie legend about the haunted ravine Änziloch. And Thom, a city boy, who shares her fascination with the ravine. A gentle insight into the inner life of the young and fearless main protagonist.
Director present.

Kino Kamino Sun 26.11., 16:00 I Kino Waldhorn Mon 27.11., 18:00 I Kino Museum Tue 28.11, 20:30 I Kino Kamino Wed 29.11., 16:00 I Kino Museum Wed 29.11., 18:00

Die göttliche Ordnung
by Petra Volpe

Switzerland 2016, 97 min., feature film, Swiss German mit with English subtitles

The 70’s: Sex, Drugs, & Rock ’n Roll are unheard of in Nora’s lower middle class village. Her everyday consists of unrelenting housework and the care of her family. As she becomes increasingly involved in the movement for the women’s right to vote, she meets tremendous resistance in the village. Warm-hearted and clever, with a lot of humor! Switzerland’s candidate for the Oscar 2018. Swiss film award for best supporting actress, Rachel Braunschweig.
Actress Rachel Braunschweig present.
In cooperation with the ZONTA Club Tuebingen.

Kino Museum Sat 25.11., 20:30 I Kino Museum Sun 26.11., 18:00 I Kino Waldhorn Sun 26.11, 20:15

Khamosh Pani – Silent Waters
by Sabiha Sumar

Pakistan/Germany 2003, 99 min., feature film, Punjabi with German subtitles

Pakistan, 1979: The widow Ayesha’s life changes radically when Islamic fundamentalists come into her village and draw her 17-year-old son under their influence. Memories of the terrible events during Pakistan’s independence struggles 30 years ago, come alive again, and her secret, of which her son has no inkling, threatens to come to light.
Twelve awards, among them The Golden Leopard, Locarno.
Director present.

Kino Museum Sun 26.11., 20:30 I Kino Waldhorn Tue 28.11., 18:00

Layla M.
by Mijke de Jong

The Netherlands/Belgium/Germany 2016, 98 min., feature film, Dutch/Arabic/English with English subtitles

Newly in love and a football enthusiast: that’s Layla, a teenager like any other. But the frustrations with everyday racism and the search for belonging lead the young Dutch girl into the extreme fringes of Islam. She distances herself more and more from her basic beliefs and her home.
Four awards. The Netherlands’ candidate for the Oscar 2018.
Actress present.

Kino Museum Thu 23.11., 20:30 I Kino Museum Fri 24.11., 18:00

Les Innocentes – Agnus Dei (Die Unschuldigen)
by Anne Fontaine

Poland/France 2016, 115 min., feature film, French/Polish/Russian with german subtitles

Poland in the winter of 1945: the young doctor Mathilde is secretly called for help in a convent. What she finds there is shocking: seven nuns who had been raped by Russian soldiers are pregnant and due to deliver any time. Mathilde is a gift from God for the pious women and becomes their only hope.
Based on true events.
Three awards.

Kino Museum Thu 23.11., 20:30 I Kino Museum Sat 25.11., 18:00

by So Yong Kim

USA 2016, 85 min., feature film, OV

Sarah, overwhelmed as a young mother of a 3-year-old, feels abandoned by her husband who is constantly traveling for his job and only available by Skype. Her inner turmoil is very different from the loving and playful relationship she has with her daughter. On a road trip with her old schoolmate Mindy, she finally lets go. Sharing memories and intimate confessions lead to what had always before only been present in looks and gestures. Three years later Sarah is on the way to Mindy’s wedding...
International Film Festival Gold Bison Award

Kino Museum Mon 27.11., 20:30 I Kino Museum Wed 29.11., 18:00

Pokot – Die Spur
by Agnieszka Holland

Poland/Germany/Czech Republic/Sweden/Slovak Republic 2017, 128 Min., feature film, Polish with German subtitles

Duszeijko leads a quiet life on the Polish-Czech border. The retired engineer and eccentric, charismatic animal rights activist resists the archaic structures of her village and confronts the local hunters vehemently. One day, her beloved dogs disappear. Shortly after that, her neighbour is discovered dead with tracks of a stag near the body, the beginning of a mysterious series of murders. Is Nature striking back?
A feminist Eco-Thriller by Agnieszka Hollands (“House of Cards”).
Berlinale Silver Bear. Poland’s candidate for the 2018 Oscar.

Kino Museum Wed 22.11., 19:30 I Kino Waldhorn Sat 25.11., 18:00 I Kino Museum Mon 27.11., 20:30

Rekvijem za gospodju J. – Requiem for Mrs. J.
by Bojan Vuletic´

Serbia/Bulgaria/Macedonia/Russia/France 2017, 94 min., feature film,
Serbian with English subtitles

Jelena is sitting at the table in her bleak apartment. A pistol is lying in front of her. She wants to die at the end of the week on the anniversary of her husband’s death. She has seven days to put everything in order for her leave-taking – but the Serbian bureaucracy turns her plans upside down.
A film with a dark sense of humour.
Six awards. Serbia’s candidate for the 2018 Oscar.

Kino Museum Fri 24.11., 20:30 I Kino Museum Tue 28.11., 20:30


Reşeba – The Dark Wind
by Hussein Hassan

Irak/Germany/Katar, 90 min. feature film, Arabic/Kurdish with German subtitles

Shortly after Pero and Reko become engaged, their Yazidi village is attacked by terrorists of the Islamist State. Reko tracks down his beloved, who was kidnapped and enslaved. But as the terribly traumatized young woman returns to her family, everything has changed, and the relationship between the two young people is put to a severe test.
Seven awards. Irak’s candidate for the 2018 Oscar.
Expert present.

Kino Museum Tue 28.11., 18:00

Sameblod – Sami: A Tale from the North
by Amanda Kernell

Sweden/Denmark/Norway 2016, 110 min., feature film, Swedish and Sami with German subtitles

Sweden in the 1930’s: 14-year-old Samin Elle Marja is forced to participate in an “acculturation program“. Getting indoctrinated with the Swedish language and culture, she also comes to the painful realization that she will never really belong to it. She makes the radical decision to break with her family and deny her heritage to be able to have access to higher education.
21 awards.

Kino Waldhorn Fri 24.11., 18:00 I Kino Museum Sat 25.11., 20:30 I Kino Museum Wed 29.11., 20:30

The Women’s Balcony
by Emil Ben-Shimon

Israel 2016, 96 min., feature film, Hebrew with English subtitles

The idyllic daily life of a Jewish community is shattered when the women’s balcony in the synagogue collapses. Salvation appears in the form of a young, charismatic Rabbi, who seems ideal to look after them. But his extreme, misogynistic piety instead divides the community more and more – until the women are told they should wear veils and that no balcony will be rebuilt at all, and they won’t stand for it!
A humorous cinema success from Israel.
Two awards.

Kino Museum Sun 26.11., 20:30 I Kino Museum Wed 29.11., 20:30



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