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A new journey into the Women’s Worlds begins…

The “Ovarian Psychos” are young, loud, and tattooed. With their black bandanas tied over their mouths, they cycle through the dangerous streets of LA’s Eastside. They are a community of women of color, who have taken up the fight against racism and violence against women.
The young Congolese woman, Jane, lives in the “City of Joy”, an establishment for women who were victims of war crimes. The vibrant and cheerful place gives the traumatized women strength, so they can return to their villages as brave and confident survivors.
Maria is the “Girl Unbound”: the professional squash player lives in Waziristan, a region in Pakistan that is often mentioned as a stronghold of the Taliban. Women there have de facto no rights, yet the passionate athlete defies the Islamists and fights for her personal freedom.
The activist Ye Haiyan, also known as “Hooligan Sparrow”, started a protest action to seek justice for the sexual abuse of six elementary school girls and was placed under government surveillance, facing interrogation, threats and harassment.
In “Pokot “ (english title “Spoor”), the eccentric and charismatic animal welfarist, Janina Duszejko, lives alone in a small village in Poland. Every day, the elderly woman spars with the local hunters, who see poaching as their tradition, and forms alliances with other outsiders of the strongly patriarchal society.

Again this year, the Film Festival Women’s Worlds shows strong women from around the world, who look above and beyond their private circumstances to advocate for themselves and their rights. In over 30 documentary and feature films, their moving stories and impressive destinies will be told.


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