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Special events


Mon 18.11.2019, 8:00 p.m. I Obere Museumssäle

Reading and Discussion – Necla Kelek

The Unholy Family – How Islamic Tradition Deprives Women and Children of their rights

Sociologist and Women’s Rights Activist Necla Kelek, founder of the „Initiative for a Secular Islam" and chairwoman of TERRE DES FEMMES, warnss: Islamic family traditions keep women from excercising their civil rights, but muslim men are also victims of the structural violence. She calls for a new political approach for true integration in order to prevent a parallel society.

Bookstore OSIANDER in cooperation with TERRE DES FEMMES.

Admission 12 € (OSIANDER Card and students 10 €)

Wed 20.11.2019 approx. 10:30 p.m. I Foyer Kino Museum

Opening and Farewell Party with Refreshments and Live Music

We want to celebrate the film festival’s final run in Tübingen with joy and maybe also dancing, in appreciation of our chance to experience so many fascinating films and guests one last time...

With Fauzia Maria Beg and Band

Fri 22.11.2019 I Key Topic Day „For a World Free of Prostitution“

5:00 p.m. l Kino Museum l Free Admission!

Introductory film for the subsequent panel conversation

„Verliebt, verführt, verkauft“.
Documentary Film about the „Loverboy-Method“.

Nadja is deeply in love; her first boyfriend! But the enchantment turns into lies, threats and violence, as he manipulates her into prostitution to help him out of an invented “emergency”. Alarming interviews with affected young women, telephone recordings of boastful pimps, and the efforts of police and activists to combat the infamous method of these “Loverboys”.

Introduction by „Loverboy“-Survivor Sandra Norak

6:00 p.m. I Kino Museum | Free Admission!

Panel Conversation „Stop Buying Sex - Now!“

Top level experts will join our panel „Stop buying Sex – Now!“ on prostitution, human trafficking and the ban on purchase of sex within the “Nordic Model”: Sandra Norak, who survived the „Loverboy-method” and is now at the end of her law studies, as well as an activist for the exit from prostitution; Detective Inspector Simon Häggström (photo), who has for more than 10 years enforced the legal ban on buying sex in Sweden, as well as his colleague Helmut Sporer from Augsburg, who demands human dignity and self-determination as key criteria for the regulation of prostitution. Together with Simon Häggström he has been an expert in the hearings of the European Parliament on this issue. They will be joined by Inge Bell who is a journalist and an activist for the abolishment of prostitution and human trafficking, with extensive experience with respect to the trafficking of women and girls in and from Eastern Europe; she is also member of TERRE DES FEMMES’ and SOLWODI’s executive board.
The conversation will take place in German and English.

8:30 p.m. l Kino Museum

"Ich gehöre ihm – Loverboy".
Feature Film

15-year-old Caro carries the typical insecurities of puberty. Until she falls head-over-heels for the handsome Cem. He turns out to be an unscrupulous “lover-boy”, who ruthlessly manipulates Caro, pulling her into a whirlwind of violence and prostitution despite her parents’ desperate attempts to prevent this from happening. Will she escape it?

Followed by a conversation with Sandra Norak, survivor of the „Loverboy-Method“.

Sat 23.11., 2:00 p.m. l Rathaus Tübingen

Flag Raising Ceremony for the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”

TERRE DES FEMMES-Flag Action „Live freely – without violence“

This year TERRE DES FEMMES raises its flag under the motto „#sexispriceless: For a World Without Prostitution“. After the opening speech by Lord Mayor Boris Palmer, Marie Kaltenbach from Sisters e.V. as representative of the WomensNetwork Tübingen introduces into the topic. TERRE DES FEMMES CEO Christa Stolle presents the demands and activities for a societal exit from prostitution; in the context of the „girls‘ campaign“ she also takes into account the „Loverboy-Method“ by which school girls are lured into prostitution. Journalist Inge Bell offers a vivid report, enriched by video material, on goals, campaigns and achievements of the networks against prostitution and human trafficking.
Moderation: Luzia Köberlein, Commissioner for Gender Equality of Tuebingen

In cooperation with the University town of Tübingen and WomensNetwork 8th March

Sun 24.11., 11:00 a.m. l Frauenprojektehaus Weberstr. 8

Film and Breakfast at the Frauencafé

Delband – Beloved
by Yaser Talebi, Iran 2018, 61 min., documentary, Persian with English subtitles

The strong-willed 82-year-old shepherdess Firouzeh enjoys her absolute independence with her cows in the crystal-clear, breathtaking landscape of Northern Iran. She loves doing the hard work all alone, including chopping wood and climbing trees. Widow of a forced marriage and having raised 11 kids, this is the least she deserves. Now she refuses to move to the comforts of village life in the valley…

by Ella Antoni, Brazil 2018, 20 min., documentary short film, Portuguese with English subtitles

Carmen and her friends, ordinary women of rural Brazil, are fed up with the brutality of their men and pursue the extraordinary: to build a community free of violence. Driven by female solidarity, empathy and intuition, gender roles are turned upside down and abusive men now respect if not fear the fierce women, their whistles, not to mention their impending sex strike!

Director Ella Antoni present

Admission for breakfast and film: 14 Euro. Reservations welcome under info@achtbar-tuebingen.de

in cooperation with Frauencafé „achtbar“

Mon 25.11., 8:15 p.m.I Ribingurumu Mühlstraße 20 | Admission Free

Querfeldein with #ichbinkeinfreier and Sisters e.V.

The student association Querfeldein welcomes all to a cozy pub conversation with two initiatives. For a world without prostitution – that is what they both are thriving for even though with different approaches. Marie Kaltenbach talks for „Sisters – for the exit from prostitution“ e.V. who help women and girls get out of prostitution, but also want to contribute to a change in society‘s awareness. Justyna Koeke comes from #ichbinkeinfreier (#I’m not a John) a campaign that aims at establishing positive images of emancipated masculinity, as well as examining and questioning the relationship between prostitution and gender relations in general.
In a living room atmosphere we will talk about prostitution, the work and experiences of the two initiatives and the activists‘ motivation to engage against prostitution.


Sat 23.11., 6:00 p.m. I Kino Waldhorn

Que sea ley - Let it Be Law
by Juan Diego Solanas
Argentina/France/Uruguay 86 min., documentary, Spanish with English subtitles

Thousands of women and men form an ocean of green in the streets of Buenos Aires, passionately demonstrating for the right to accessible, legal and safe abortion. This moving documentary highlights personal fates – among them deadly outcomes of illegal abortions – and accompanies the protests, the fierce outcry of the Argentinian women against the dominating catholic and fundamentalist-evangelical patriarchy.

Nominated in Cannes and San Sebastián 2019 | Expert Dr. Gabriele Halder present
In cooperation with Amnesty International Tübingen

Sat 23.11., 8:30 p.m. | Kino Waldhorn

Nur eine Frau
by Sherry Hormann
Germany 2019, 90 min., feature film, German Version
Aynur is full of life, loves old-school hip-hop, and wears a headscarf. In voice-over, she tells of her fight for a self-determined life in a strictly patriarchal family, that holds to Sunni-Kurdish customs even in Germany – including her forced marriage in Turkey. An emotional and powerful film inspired by the “honor” killing of Hatun ‘Aynur’ Sürücü in 2005.

5 Nominations Tribeca and German Cinema award | Expert Necla Kelek present

Sun 24.11., 8:15 p.m. | Kino Waldhorn

Womit haben wir das verdient? - What Have We Done to Deserve This?
by Eva Spreitzhofer
A 2019, 92 min., feature film, German version
Wanda has always been a feminist, atheist and anti-racist. Now her 16-year-old daughter Nina breaks the news that she has just converted to Islam online, wears a headscarf, and wants to be called Fatima from now on. It's Wanda's worst nightmare! How can she bring Nina back to her senses? She goes on a journey of discovery into "the Community"... A black-humorous, satirical comedy from Austria.

3 International Film awards | Director present

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