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Luca Lehmann

Dipl.-Pädagogin Luca Lehmann studied religious education at the Fachschule für kirchl. Gemeindedienst and social and organizational education at the University of Hildesheim. She led projects of the youth vocational assistance of Caritas and has been associated with SOLWODI NI e.V. since 1999. SOLWODI advocates for women who are victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and prostitution, forced marriage, so-called honor violence or other forms of violence. Since 2007, Luca Lehmann has been working full-time as a specialist advisor at SOLWODI NI e.V. She also works in the field of public relations: she gives specialist lectures, leads working groups with volunteer supporters and acts as a mentor for students.

Luca Lehmann takes part as an expert in the Q&A after the film PRECIOUS on Sat, 28.10.