Alice Schwarzer

The documentary about the publicist, feminist and pioneer of female emancipation uses historical and current material to answer the question of who is behind the icon Alice Schwarzer.

And Still I Sing

Shortly before the Taliban regain power, two singer friends try to become the first woman to win the talent show »Afghan Star« and courageously raise their voices against a patriarchal society.

Angels of Sinjar

For several years, Hanifa searches in northern Iraq for her five younger sisters, who were kidnapped by the Islamic State terrorist militia in the 2014 attack on the Yezidis. Stirring documentary.

Be My Voice

The film shows how activist, journalist and voice of millions of Iranian women Masih Alinejad supports their protest against the hijab compulsion via social media from exile.

Blue Moon

Her dysfunctional, violent family keeps 22-year-old Irina from a free and unattached life as a student in Bucharest until an affair proves to be an unexpected turning point.

Burning Memories

The filmmaker and author embarks on a journey to find answers to the question of why she was abused as a young girl and why she kept silent for so long.

Butterfly Vision

After months as a Russian prisoner of war, Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance expert Lilia is allowed home, where her experiences and trauma catch up with her as she tries to start over.

Call Jane

In Chicago at the end of the 1960s, Joy's second pregnancy threatens her life, and she receives support from a subversive women's network in the face of the existing abortion ban.

Children of the Mist

In the course of the documentary, Di repeatedly vacillates between approval of early marriage, which is common in her village community, and her original goal, social advancement through education.

Do you remember me

To better cope with her circumcision as a seven-year-old, Sara travels to Ethiopia, where she decides to fight against it after talking to her grandmother and young people affected by genital mutilation despite the ban.

Full Time

A strike brings the commute between Julie's home outside Paris and her job in the centre to a virtual standstill. The single mother's livelihood is threatened.


The successful bodybuilder Edina starts working as a prostitute to be able to continue paying for the expensive steroids and food supplements, and thus becomes aware of her real needs.

Granny's Sexual Life

This animated film is a journey into the past of four grandmothers. The memories of their intimate lives are emblematic of the position women held in Slovenian society in the first half of the 20th century.

Hit The Road Egg

Ovaries are represented here as a pinball game. Short and sweet, colorful and with a touch of irony, the short film explores a potential reason for abdominal pain during the period.

Holy Spider

Risking her life, journalist Rahimi searches the disreputable outskirts of Mashed for a serial killer who kills desperate prostitutes to cleanse the streets of the country's holiest city.

In the Rumbling Belly of Motherland

The film accompanies courageous women reporters in Kabul before the Taliban regained power, becoming a prescient reminder that journalism and women's rights cannot be taken for granted.


First shown in Germany, the film shows a mother and her son playing with each other dressed as Catwoman and Batman until the father and husband comes home for dinner.


Through self-empowerment, aspiring actress Ela regains the female perspective on her role after losing it due to emotional abuse and assault.


Dystopia about beauty norms and misogyny, centred on Mariana and her friends, who bully gender-mates who have supposedly strayed from the right path.

Menschliche Dinge

The son's accusation of raping a 16-year-old girl after a night of partying throws the life of the model Farel family out of joint. French judicial drama with Charlotte Gainsbourg.


Two midwives are seen providing medical care to pregnant women from the Rohingya ethnic group across religious boundaries despite growing unrest in south-eastern Myanmar.

My Grandmother Is An Egg

With this film Wu-Ching Chang honors her grandmother. She was sold as a young girl to another family and grew up there as a future daughter-in-law.

Nelly und Nadine

The story of the Belgian opera singer Nelly and the Chinese resistance fighter Nadine, who fall in love with each other on Christmas Eve 1944 in the Ravensbrück concentration camp.

One in a Million

For the successful gymnast Whitney Bjerken in the USA and the reserved Yara in northern Germany, the question of what really counts for them in life arises at some point.


The passionate, hard-working and devout mother and housewife's greatest wish is to say yes to her partner Zé in church, which the priest of her parish refuses because Paloma is trans.


When the performance at a British music festival does not turn out to be the hoped-for turning point for the Middle East's first women's metal band, a rift breaks out among the female musicians from Beirut.

The Boy's Club

To become a director in Malaysia, Chen Yihwen had to endure sexual harassment, bullying and misogyny. Her film, presented for the first time in Europe, documents this arduous journey.

The Deal

Documentary film about the machinations of the so-called Nigerian Brotherhoods, which maintain a widespread network of human trafficking, forced prostitution and drug smuggling in Europe.

Two Minutes To Midnight

What if the world was ruled by women? In Yael Bartana's performative piece, an all-women government of a fictional country takes a stand on an impending nuclear threat from a foreign nation.


This is about mothers of slain girls in Mexico who are involved in feminist collectives and courageously and consistently demand that their country's government take action for a life without violence.

Women of Valor

As one of 600,000 ultra-Orthodox women in Israel who are allowed to vote but not to run for parliament, Esty files a petition with the Supreme Court to have the ban lifted.