Angry Annie

France 1974: Annie unexpectedly becomes pregnant and an underground organization helps her to abort.

Becoming Giulia

Professional dancer Giulia Tonelli returns from maternity leave and fights for her place in an elite ballet company.


Blanca is a key witness in an abuse scandal involving wealthy politicians and children.

Daughter of Rage

Eleven-year-old Maria and her mother Lilibeth live on the edge of Nicaragua's largest garbage dump, which they scavenge for recyclable material during the day.


In South Africa, Lana runs a women's shelter. But then the financial support breaks away.


Elaha's wedding is imminent and the potential in-laws demand a virginity test.


Eren Keskin is one of Turkey's best-known human rights defenders. She is facing life imprisonment.

Feminism WTF

The women's movement is the most successful social movement of the 20th century. Where does it stand?

Femme Ocean

Surfing as a symbol of emancipation from stereotypical images of women and oppression.

Helke Sander - Aufräumen

Portrait of the icon of the women's movement & new German film. Violence against women and oppression through patriarchal structures are her life's theme.


Forced marriages are a reality for many underage girls in Nepal.

Mina - Preis der Freiheit

Mina has been fighting against executions and stonings in Iran for decades - and thus became a target of the regime herself.


Three women slipped into prostitution due to poverty, drugs or trafficking.


Princess a young woman from Nigeria, lives illegally in Italy and prostitutes herself.

Twice Colonized

An Inuit lawyer fights for the rights of her people. She was forcibly assimilated as a child.


Danish debut about Maren, who is committed against her will to a notorious women's institution on an island.


Vic is an influencer. A porno of her appears online.