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Jasmin Tabatabai © Mathias Bothor

Jasmin Tabatabai takes over the patronage of the 24th Women’s Worlds Film Festival

We are delighted to announce that the renowned actress and singer Jasmin Tabatabai will be the patron of the 24th Women’s Worlds Film Festival! Ms. Tabatabai, known for her impressive performances on screen and her commitment to social justice, will enrich our festival this year with her support.
“Films that look at the world through the eyes of a woman (and other marginalized people) are still not a matter of course. That’s why I’m delighted to be the patron of this special film festival, which focuses on specificaly that.”– Jasmin Tabatabai
Every year, the Women’s Worlds Film Festival presents a diverse selection of films that deal with the realities and stories of women from all over the world. With Jasmin Tabatabai as our patron, we are sending a strong signal for cultural diversity and women’s rights. Together with her we are thrilled to continue our commitment to equality and empowerment.
You will find more information and the program on our website from August. Stay tuned!

Jasmin Tabatabai is a German actress and jazz singer with Iranian roots. She celebrated her breakthrough in 1997 with her leading role as Luna in Katja von Garnier’s music film “Bandits”, for which she also composed a large part of the soundtrack. Her most important film works include “Gripsholm”, “Vier Minuten” and “Fremde Haut” and and “Mitra”. She has also made a name for herself in the world of television, appearing in numerous TV films. From 2011 to 2024, she played Mina Amiri, the first female detective of Iranian origin on German television, in the series “Letzte Spur Berlin”. She is also a successful dubbing actress and has lent her voice to prominent characters: Marion Cotillard in “La Vie en Rose” and Chiara Mastroianni in “Persepolis”. Her versatility is also evident in her recordings of numerous audiobooks, including “Reading Lolita in Tehran”. In 2012, she was awarded the Jazz-ECHO as Best Female Vocalist National. In May 2020, she released her third jazz album “Jagd auf Rehe”.