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First programme highlights

We are pleased to be able to present initial insights into our main topics and programme highlights here:

One focus of this year’s festival will be the topic of forced marriage and early marriage, which is also at the heart of TERRE DES FEMMES’ work.
Thematic film highlights are MAY, THE THIRD WOMAN by Ash Mayfair, an exciting feature film about forced marriage in Vietnam in the 19th century and FLESH OUT by Michela Occhipinti, a feature film that highlights the practice of fattening up young girls before their forced marriage in Mauritania.

This year’s focus is also on the topics of gender equality in the world of work and violence against women. COVID-19 has shown in recent months that the pandemic is widening existing differences in gender equality in the world of work worldwide and that violence against women is on the rise. The film festival FrauenWelten takes the current situation as an opportunity to shed light on these issues with appropriate films and discussions.

The feature film MADE IN BANGLADESH by Rubaiyat Hossain shows us that the issue of equality has long been a global problem. The film deals with the situation of women workers in the textile industry in Bangladesh. The already critical situation of women workers on the ground has recently been aggravated by Corona.

The documentary film OVERSEAS by Sung-A Yoon makes it clear that the poor working situation of women can be directly related to violence against women. Filipino women who are preparing for their work abroad together tell each other and thus also us as viewers about their experiences of violence overseas.

With VERDICT by Raymund Ribay Gutierrez we present a film that shows that help and justice are still not easy to get for many women who experience violence. Often the opposite is the case; demanding rights often brings with it dangers for the women themselves.