Angry Annie

Blandine Lenoir, Frankreich, 2022, 120 Min., Spielfilm, OmeU

France, 1974: Annie, a working mother of two teenagers, unexpectedly becomes pregnant and gets in touch with MLAC. At one of the underground movement’s local groups, she is able to have an abortion, which is forbidden at the time. The abortion is performed professionally and in an atmosphere of unprecedented female solidarity. For Annie, her body suddenly becomes a political issue and she begins to campaign for women’s rights. But the question arises: can she reconcile parenthood, political commitment and work? Against the backdrop of historical events, ANGRY ANNIE brings the fight for the right to self-determined abortions into focus, partly with documentary material. Between anger and unexpected cheerfulness, the film imagines an anti-patriarchal, consensual togetherness.

In cooperation with Zonta Club Berlin 1989