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Draw for Change: Behind the Lines

Alaa Amer / Alisar Hasan, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, 2023, 70 min., documentary, OmeU

Amani Al-Ali, Idlib’s first cartoonist, draws the life of her Syrian hometown. This is considered a stronghold of jihadist groups that have left no stone unturned since 2011 to topple longtime President Assad. Armed with her pen, Amani Al Ali wages a courageous battle against Islamist authority and traditional patriarchy, her drawings a message and an expression of strength. But how long will she be able to hold out amid the ruins of Idlib? BEHIND THE LINES is part of the DRAW FOR CHANGE project, a series about women cartoonists from around the world. These artists empower women with their work, give them strength, and advocate for gender justice.