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Dr. Jutta Pliefke

Dr. med. Jutta Pliefke is a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics and works at the pro familia counseling center in Berlin. She regularly informs, advises, examines and accompanies girls and women there on the subject of the “hymen”.

n addition to medical issues, ethical, cultural and sociological aspects are also touched upon here. A distinction must be made between the fate of individual persons and a general assessment.

Together with Terre des Femmes and the family planning center Balance, Berlin, pro familia Berlin is co-editor of the information brochure and flyer “Das Jungfernhäutchen – Falsche Vorstellungen und Fakten”.

Dr. Jutta Pliefke participates as an expert in the Q&A after the film ELAHA on Sat, 28.10 .