Milena Aboyan, Germany, 2023, 110 min., feature film, OmeU

The 22-year-old German-Kurdish Elaha is engaged. As the wedding date approaches, she finds herself increasingly exposed to the expectations of her social environment. Her future in-laws expect her to enter the marriage as a virgin. Elaha desperately searches for a solution to survive the virginity test. Torn between her unconditional love for her family and her desire for a self-determined life, she faces a momentous decision. In her feature film debut, Milena Aboyan accompanies with a differentiated eye a young woman who becomes self-empowered and gains control over her own body.

Director Milena Aboyan and actress Bayan Layla present on Fri, 27.10.

Expert Dr. Jutta Pliefke is present for a Q&A on Sun, 29.10.