Be My Voice

The film shows how activist, journalist and voice of millions of Iranian women Masih Alinejad supports their protest against the hijab compulsion via social media from exile.

Children of the Mist

In the course of the documentary, Di repeatedly vacillates between approval of early marriage, which is common in her village community, and her original goal, social advancement through education.

Do you remember me

To better cope with her circumcision as a seven-year-old, Sara travels to Ethiopia, where she decides to fight against it after talking to her grandmother and young people affected by genital mutilation despite the ban.

Full Time

A strike brings the commute between Julie's home outside Paris and her job in the centre to a virtual standstill. The single mother's livelihood is threatened.

Menschliche Dinge

The son's accusation of raping a 16-year-old girl after a night of partying throws the life of the model Farel family out of joint. French judicial drama with Charlotte Gainsbourg.


Two midwives are seen providing medical care to pregnant women from the Rohingya ethnic group across religious boundaries despite growing unrest in south-eastern Myanmar.