Alice Schwarzer

The documentary about the publicist, feminist and pioneer of female emancipation uses historical and current material to answer the question of who is behind the icon Alice Schwarzer.

And Still I Sing

Shortly before the Taliban regain power, two singer friends try to become the first woman to win the talent show »Afghan Star« and courageously raise their voices against a patriarchal society.

Angels of Sinjar

For several years, Hanifa searches in northern Iraq for her five younger sisters, who were kidnapped by the Islamic State terrorist militia in the 2014 attack on the Yezidis. Stirring documentary.

Holy Spider

Risking her life, journalist Rahimi searches the disreputable outskirts of Mashed for a serial killer who kills desperate prostitutes to cleanse the streets of the country's holiest city.

In the Rumbling Belly of Motherland

The film accompanies courageous women reporters in Kabul before the Taliban regained power, becoming a prescient reminder that journalism and women's rights cannot be taken for granted.


Dystopia about beauty norms and misogyny, centred on Mariana and her friends, who bully gender-mates who have supposedly strayed from the right path.

Nelly und Nadine

The story of the Belgian opera singer Nelly and the Chinese resistance fighter Nadine, who fall in love with each other on Christmas Eve 1944 in the Ravensbrück concentration camp.

One in a Million

For the successful gymnast Whitney Bjerken in the USA and the reserved Yara in northern Germany, the question of what really counts for them in life arises at some point.

The Deal

Documentary film about the machinations of the so-called Nigerian Brotherhoods, which maintain a widespread network of human trafficking, forced prostitution and drug smuggling in Europe.

Women of Valor

As one of 600,000 ultra-Orthodox women in Israel who are allowed to vote but not to run for parliament, Esty files a petition with the Supreme Court to have the ban lifted.