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Exhibition: I AM HER VOICE in supporting program

Vernissage: Monday, October 17th Oktober | 19:00h |

Die Exhibition I AM HER VOICE is a cooperation with BONO Direkthilfe e.V.

The images get under your skin. They are symbolic for human trafficking, forced prostitution and sexual abuse of women. A brief look at the facts underlines what dynamic and what significance I AM HER VOICE has achieved. With 334 submissions and over 1,200 expressive works, it is probably one of the largest collections of artistic works against violence against women in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But even more impressive than the number of pictures is the thematic diversity, ranging from child abuse to domestic violence, from femicide to human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Others focus on the resilience and inner strength of affected women, which are stronger than the traumas and which encourage other affected women to overcome what they have experienced and not to hide (any more).

The touring exhibition created from the diverse and powerful artworks offers a successful framework in which the topic can be made accessible to a wider audience. It is time to pay much more attention to the issue of violence against girls and women – in our society, in politics and ultimately in legislative measures for better protection of girls and women.

At the foyer of Kino in der Kulturbrauerei – cinema we are exhibiting 15 works from the competition with a total of 43 prints.