110% Honest

Scandinavian drama comedy about doping in cycling shaped by bizarre moments

Aga's House

It slowly becomes clear why five different ´women live isolated in the beautiful mountainous landscape of Kosovo.


Five street hawkers deal with their experiences of violence in a theater workshop.

Driving Lessons

Her driving instructor and her husband sit in the car with Bahareh while she gets her driver's license.

Flesh Out

Verida lives in Mauritania, where girls are forced to marry and are fattened up for it.


In Sri Lanka, an initiative for swimming lessons is creating a new attitude towards life among the participants.

Leftover Women

Not yet married at 27? In China, this makes a woman one of the "leftover women".


Prostitutes wait for their customers in mobile homes on Lower Saxonian country roads.


In a camp, Filipino women are prepared for their work as OFW (Oversea Filipino Worker).


Four older Roma women talk about their experiences and their fight against forced marriage, oppression and exclusion.


Portrait of a courageous female astronaut who is faced with the choice between professional and private wishes.


Two old friends are convinced that it is now up to them to call the right one to account.

The Third Wife

Young May travels up the river in a boat to become the third wife of an older man.


The Philippine Joy defends herself against her violent husband.

Was tun

What to do against the sexual exploitation of underage girls in Bangladesh?


Long-term film project that gives a voice to more than 2000 women from over 50 countries.