Festival focus #bornequal – livefree

The festivals’s focus #bornequal-livefree is about women who face human rights violations or discrimination simply because they are female. Films screened include:

BREAKING THE SILENCE – Priscila Padilla, Colombia / Bolivia, 2020.  

Sensitive portrait about genital mutilation on women of the indigenous community Emberá Chamí in Colombia. The Emberá are one of the few indigenous peoples in South America who still continue the practice. A brutal legacy of colonialism.

BELLY OF THE BEAST – Erika Cohn, USA, 2020.

Erika Kohn’s documentary is a legal drama about a terrible crime committed against women in the world’s largest women’s prison in California: illegal forced sterilization. Together with a former inmate of this prison and a lawyer, the director uncovers the pattern of illegal sterilizations in California women’s prisons.