My name is Happy

Ayşe Toprak/ Nick Read, UK / Turkey, 2022, 82 min., documentary, OmeU

Pop singer Mutlu Kaya was on her way to stardom when she reached the finals of Turkey’s Got Talent. Days later, she is shot during a kidnapping attempt. She barely survives the femicide, which changes her life forever. Even years after the crime, from which she is still recovering, violence against women runs like a thread through her environment. Despite her impairments, Mutlu stands up for justice and wants to bring her sister’s killer to justice. And she also wants to raise her voice again as a singer. MY NAME IS HAPPY portrays an impressive young woman who is doing everything she can to ensure that violence against women does not become the norm in Turkey. Film clips of her participation in the talent show as well as news about femicides complement intimate footage of the family.