Helke Sander – Aufräumen

Claudia Richarz, Germany, 2023, 82 min., documentary, OmeU

The director and author Helke Sander is not only an icon of the women’s movement, but also of new German film. Violence against women and oppression through patriarchal structures are her life’s theme. Helke Sander initiated many achievements that are taken for granted today. At the end of the 1960s, with the founding of the “Action Council for the Liberation of Women,” she was instrumental in the beginning of the second women’s movement in the FRG and in the resulting struggles. Helke Sander provokes with her calm but determined, confrontational and fearless manner. Claudia Richarz’s film shows her political commitment and her humanity from the 60s until today.

Director Claudia Richarz  and protagonist Helke Sander present on Sat, 28.10. for a q&a